Use REWO to reduce the dependence on training and experience by documenting processes in a way that works!

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What is REWO?

REWO is a plug & play end-to-end video SOP and WI platform that transfers knowledge up to 12x faster than traditional documentation methods. REWO drastically improves capturing, visualizing and communicating knowledge to anyone within the company’s ecosystem.

How companies use REWO?

Discover how REWO is helping companies achieve operational excellence.

Document Shopfloor Knowledge

REWO is the perfect tool that will allow you to capture expert shopfloor knowledge, launch connected work instructions, and upskill your workforce. We are your partner in operational excellence.

Create Training Courses

The Courses module on REWO enables the use of video work instructions as training courses for new hires. These courses can include several work instructions and feature quizzes to assess the knowledge of the trainees.

Smart, Secure and Efficient.

REWO was built by manufacturers for manufacturers. Book a demo to see it in action today!

What others say about REWO?

Why should you use REWO?

Production Continuity

Document your work processes in a way that better prepares you for any current or future production disruptions.

Continuous Learning

Turn training into continuous learning by creating visual lessons and instructions that workers like to watch.

Remove Inconsistencies

By visualizing your work instructions you will improve your company’s performance and remove inconsistencies.

Efficient Onboarding

Improve your training effectiveness and at the same time reduce your training costs when adding new people to your workforce.

Impress Your Partners

By going beyond how companies are documenting their processes today you will improve your company’s reputation and image.

Knowledge Safekeeping

With our efficient documentation process and flexible deployment options your know-how will be kept safe for generations to come.

Our comprehensive platform is designed with the needs of the factory worker in mind to accelerate time to performance and reduce costs. Learn more about the features, advantages and benefits that REWO offers.

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Document processes in a way that works!

REWO was built by manufacturers for manufacturers. Book a demo to see it in action today!