Deliver knowledge where it’s needed!

What's REWO?

REWO is a video-based augmented reality platform which helps manufacturing companies record internal know-how & best practices and turn them into clear visual instructions for skilled trade workers so they could be better at their job.

Why should you use REWO?

More Productive Workforce
Higher Quality Output
Greater Utilization

Where could you use REWO?

Maintenance & Repair.

Downtime in manufacturing costs a lot of money.

Complex or Infrequent Assembly.

Refresh the right steps before starting.

Quality Assurance & Control.

Make sure that the results are correctly measured.

Training & Knowledge Share.

Transfer knowledge from your best workers to the rest.

Why you'll love REWO?

Flexible Deployment

REWO supports cloud-based, on premise, and hybrid deployments. The platform has enterprise class security across all layers and is extensible via APIs.

Affordable Creation Process

REWO has one of the most optimized creation processes, that allows you capture and create visual instructions faster than with text and images today.


REWO works on whatever device you are using today or in the future. Tablets, terminals, smartglasses, AR headsets,…

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