work instructions

Office worker behind a computer

Work Instructions for Office Workers

Work instructions and standard operating procedures (SOPs) both fall under the umbrella of tools used to make a process more detailed and actionable. Process, procedure, and work instruction build on each other in complexity. Processes describe what objectives and specifications need to be done. SOP’s describe how a process should be carried out in certain …

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Social distancing guidelines druing COVID-19

Work Instructions VS. Guidelines

Many people confuse guidelines and work instructions. In fact, most people write work instructions and call them guidelines or vice versa. Knowing the difference between guidelines and work instructions can help you understand the documentation process much better and, therefore, develop great procedure documentation. Better documentation means better organization. What are guidelines? Guidelines are general …

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Worker using a forklift in a warehouse

Work Instructions For Warehouses

Warehouse work is, statistically speaking, risky. Working with heavy objects, machinery, or forklifts increases the probability of incidents. There are two primary reasons for the failure of work instructions in warehouses. First, the communication between the writer of the instructions and the workers is poor and insufficiently tested. Second, procedures are written in a way …

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ISO compliance is issued by ISO organization

What Are ISO Compliant Work Instructions And How To Write Them?

With the growing popularity of ISO standards, it’s only right to talk a bit more about them. In this blog post, we will define what ISO compliance means, how it shows in writing documentation and what that means for writing work instructions. To start, let’s first define what ISO is. Headquartered in Switzerland, the International …

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Writing good work instructions

Tips On How To Write Good Work Instructions

The importance of work instructions shows in guiding employees in the quality areas of training, reference, problem-solving and continuous improvement. However, work instructions are not just another »thing your company needs«. The content should be carefully generated, following specific guidelines on how to write work instructions. Writing clear and concise work instructions is crucial in …

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Worker creating a checklist for work instruction

Why Write Work Instructions And Why Are They Important

Customer-specific products are booming, wich means that batch sizes are getting smaller and smaller. As a result, the variation and combination of different tasks to be performed at a workplace and by an employee are also increasing sharply. An employee has to master an almost infinite number of processes. In order not to be overtaxed …

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Tools for preventive maintenance

Work Instructions For Preventive Maintenance

A large part of keeping a company running efficiently and profitably is ensuring that all equipment is functioning optimally. Routine preventive maintenance needs to be conducted. Unfortunately, regular equipment checks often go overlooked in certain areas of a company’s operations mainly because attention is usually directed toward more pressing issues. However, when small tasks go …

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