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Watch the use case from the Kolektor Group on the left.

For manufacturing companies who struggle to train the next generation of workers, REWO is a knowledge digitalization solution, which drastically improves capturing, visualizing and communicating knowledge to anyone within the company’s ecosystem.

Cablex using REWO in manufacturing
Agromehanika using REWO in manufacturing

Immerse job simulations

Train and prepare your workers even before they first enter your facilities. REWO Virtual is the most intuitive authoring and publishing platform that reduces the time, effort and knowledge required to create highly engaging interactive virtual reality experiences from 360° videos and photos. All you need is a 360° camera, and you can create virtual walkthroughs and learning simulations.

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Visual work instructions

Guide and train your workers while on the job. REWO Guides is an intuitive platform that turns standard videos into enhanced augmented video instructions that help your workers do quality work. Work instructions made with REWO are faster to create and easier to understand than the ordinary instructions you are using today. REWO Guides will help you standardize work and raise the quality in your production facilities.

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Work checklists

Would you like to know if the work has been done as instructed? REWO can help with that as well. REWO Smart guides help you collect data and log who and when performed a particular task. With it, you will be able to understand if things are being done at a level of quality that is prescribed and in the timeframe that was specified. REWO Smart guides will help you and your workers see how good you are doing.

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Live remote assistance

REWO Remote Assistance for field support empowers customers and field technicians to diagnose and resolve technical and mechanical problems with remote assistance from service providers and experts. Experts in your company will be able to provide live guidance or collaboration to workers on the field. They can also help your customers get the most value from your product, without having to send them on expensive business trips.

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Digitalization of knowledge transfer

In a “knowledge economy”, the intangible resources are significant resources that add the value. Since the most business processes are viewed through knowledge  management, the real challenge, therefore, is developing an adequate system of knowledge management in companies.

Explain more in less time

With REWO, people in your organization will learn faster with detailed augmented videos and visual learning.

Efficient documentation

REWO has one of the most optimized creation processes, allowing you to capture and create visual instructions faster during your regular daily operations.

Standardize work

With REWO, you can make sure, that anybody in your company’s ecosystem (suppliers, workers, or customers) completes work as prescribed.

Use existing hardware

REWO works on whatever device you are already using today. It also works on whatever you decide to upgrade to in the future. REWO is device agnostic.

Flexible deployment

REWO supports cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid deployments. The platform has enterprise-class security across all layers and is extensible via APIs.

Easy & flexible

REWO’s features make it one of the best tools in regards to ease-of-use, but at the same time it can also adapt to your advanced requirements.

Media & Awards

VIAR - REWO - Vestbee CEE Startup Challenge Winners
VIAR - REWO - Central European Awards Winner