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What is REWO?

REWO is a visual digitization platform, that drastically improves capturing and communicating knowledge to anyone within the company’s ecosystem.

Save Your Domain Knowledge

REWO offers an efficient way of capturing, preserving and sharing domain knowledge throughout your company’s ecosystem. You can then send this knowledge in the form of visual instructions to your workers, your distributors, your customers,…

Ensure standardization

REWO is ensuring standardization through visualization and traceability of processes and instructions. Don’t just write bullet points on how something should be done.

Help your workers on the field

Regardless of where you or your expert workers are, remotely help your colleagues, your customers or others by seeing what they are seeing and visually guiding them through any process.

Use cases

Lean manufacturing

Asset relocation

Quality assurance

Work instructions

Training and onboarding

Fieldwork support

Product instructions for distributors & buyers

Machinery and Equipment instructions

Complex or small batch assembly

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Why should you use REWO?

Explain more in less time

With REWO people in your organization will learn faster. Augmented videos and visual learning are faster and more detailed than what you use today.

Save time on documentation

REWO has one of the most optimized creation processes, that allows you capture and create visual instructions faster during your regular daily operations.

Use a format that natural

When are dealing with physical objects a static picture doesn’t say much. People today are used to see how things work together. Augmented video delivers that.

Use existing hardware

REWO works on whatever device you are already using today. It also works on whatever you decide to upgrade to in the future. REWO is device agnostic.

Flexible deployment

REWO supports cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid deployments. The platform has enterprise-class security across all layers and is extensible via APIs.

Go for evolution not revolution

While REWO works in a way that everyone is comfortable with, it also has advanced features that you can use when you are ready.

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