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How does it work?

REWO Remote Assistance (RA) for field support empowers customers and field technicians to diagnose and resolve technical and mechanical problems with remote assistance from service providers and experts.

Real time audio
Real time video
Real time annotations
Group support
File sharing

Why should you use remote assistance?

Decrease time to resolution
Reduce repeat visits
Save on travel costs
Maximize customer satisfaction


Experts in your company can now provide live guidance or collaboration to workers on the field. They can also help your customers get the most value from your product, without having to send them on expensive business trips.

Remote assistance and support with REWO
Remote assistance and support with REWO


Your field technicians or even your customers can now connect with the experts in your company to diagnose and resolve any issues they might have. They can be visually guided to clearly understand what needs to be done.

Why should you use REWO Remote Assistance?

Low Bandwidth Mode

In areas that lack sufficient cellular or wifi coverage, technicians can send snapshot images instead of live video.

Intuitive and easy to use

You don’t need to be an expert to use REWO RA. We designed this product with simplicity in mind.

Multi platform support

You don’t need to invest in expensive hardware. REWO RA works on any Android or Windows device you already have.

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