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How does it work?

REWO Guides is an intuitive platform that turns standard videos into enhanced augmented video instructions that help your workers do quality work. Work instructions made with REWO are faster to create and easier to understand than the ordinary instructions you are using today.

Easy to use
Powerful video processing
Cross-platform support
Feedback & Analytics
Flexible deployment

Why should you use visual instructions?

Ensure standardization by showing exactly what needs to be done.
Better understanding of instructions leads to higher quality of output.
A single minute of video can contain more information than 10 pages of written instructions.


REWO Guides enable you to prepare instructions 3X faster than you would with standard documentation processes. Created visual instructions will also contain more details and will be easier to understand. REWO offers an efficient way of recording, editing, and managing visual instructions that allows you to explain more in less time.


Nobody likes to read pages and pages of text. REWO Guides will explain everything you need to know in minutes. No detail is left out. REWO player can be integrated into existing systems or can be used on its own as well on devices you already have. REWO also comes with a closed feedback loop so you can report when an instruction is not clear or is obsolete.

Why should you use REWO Guides?

Intuitive and easy to use

REWO Guides are easy to use. We designed this product with simplicity in mind. You’ll be an expert in a matter of minutes.

Flexible Deployment

REWO supports cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid deployments. The platform has enterprise-class security across all layers and is extensible via APIs.

End-to-end multi platform support

REWO works on whatever device you will be using today or in the future. It also provides end-to-end support from guide creation to its management & distribution.

REWO Smart Guides

Would you like to know if the work has been done as instructed? REWO can help with that as well. REWO Smart guides help you collect data and log who and when performed a particular task. With it, you will be able to understand if things are being done at a level of quality that is prescribed and in the timeframe that was specified. REWO Smart guides will help you and your workers see how good you are doing.

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