Biggest Employee Onboarding Challenges

One of the fundamental responsibilities of any organization and the respective managers is to ensure smooth onboarding of the new hire. The truth is that organizations today are facing a number of challenges when it comes to onboarding new employees. In order to ensure a smooth transition and successful integration into the company, it is important to identify and address these employee onboarding challenges early on.

Two people going through onboarding and resolving employee onboarding challenges

Lack of role clarity is one of the biggest employee onboarding challenges

One common onboarding challenges during onboarding is that most new hires have lack of clarity of their role. They usually think that they signed up for some specific role but doing something else. The new employee might be in a dilemma and could be disappointed by the assigned role. It is the job of HR to ensure that team leads or managers meet with the new employees to discuss this. The discussion should give clarity to the employee, it must help them to understand how their current role will boost their career.

Information bombardment

Information bombardment is another one of the biggest employee onboarding challenges. It is insensitive to expect employees to absorb and retain all the key information about their new job, the company, its culture and everything else in between on the very first day! In a fast-moving organization, you could be tempted to bring your employee up to speed as soon as possible but this could overwhelm them and could pose as an onboarding challenge. A new employee has tons of documents to fill, loads of names to memorize, multiple applications to learn, and in some cases huge shoes to fill. Achieving all this in a day or even a week is not possible.

Right onboarding content for right roles

Onboarding flows should be tailored for specific job roles. Training everyone for everything is not judicious and is definitely an overkill. This is where REWO can help when it comes to onboarding the manufacturing workforce. Intuitive and clear work instructions made with REWO are a godsend for new workers just starting on the shop floor. .

The same analogy applies to all the applications and processes for which the new employee will be trained. The onboarding process should be relevant to the new employee and they shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. Providing them with unnecessary information could suggest that the organization wants them to do other jobs as well and could lead to a lower employee retention rate.

Conclusion on employee onboarding challenges

Employee onboarding challenges have existed forever, but they require more attention than ever before in order to help thrive in the new normal. Now that we are relying on hybrid models wherein employees can choose to work from their home or office, it becomes all the more crucial to streamline and polish your onboarding process to make new employees feel comfortable and induce a sense of belongingness that very often gets lost.