Close the Skills Gap and Minimise Downtime Costs

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$26.5bn per year is lost in the US alone because of machine downtime.

Maintenance for Industry 4.0

Powered with digital knowledge capture, remote assistance, and augmented reality.

Unscheduled downtime is expensive. A minute of downtime in automotive manufacturing could cost up to 22 thousand US dollars and 26.5 billion US dollars per year is lost in the US alone because of machine downtime.

The problem for the manufacturing industry, in general, is the lack of trained skilled trade workers on staff to handle problems as quickly as they arise. The baby-boomer generation is retiring at a rate of 10,000 workers per day. With them, valuable knowledge is leaving the company.

One of the main reasons why downtime is accumulated is because often the solution to a problem is buried in written documents and instructions that are hard to understand. There’s no easy way for new maintenance engineers or machine operators to determent the steps required to fix the problem. There’s also a lack of proper training material, and it’s almost impossible to provide remote assistance to help solve problems faster.

Maintenance would need to tackle unscheduled downtime as quick as possible, but more often than not, time is wasted troubleshooting when a solution has already been discovered in the past.

REWO is a platform designed for the manufacturing industry with the current focus on maintenance crews. REWO helps you visually capture knowledge, find the right solutions faster, guides you on what you need to do to fix the problem, and connects you with experts when you need them the most.

Downtime in manufacturing costs a lot of money. Leave your email to learn more about how to help your maintenance crew & machine operators resolve problems faster.