How REWO works?

REWO is one of the most intuitive platforms for creating work instructions and standard operating procedures. Seamlessly transfer knowledge in your company by going through the five steps explained in this section.


Capture Expert Knowledge

Document your processes effortlessly from any location, with the ability to capture images and videos right on the job site. Once recorded upload them to REWO to optimize them and turn them into step-by-step work instructions.


Create Visual Instructions

Easily create intuitive and engaging instructions using a range of media files and annotations. Your workers will love learning from these clear and concise instructions. After approval, group them into comprehensive manuals for effective onboarding.


Automatic Update Management

Experience instant reflection of approved updates to your documentation, whether stored on the cloud or on-premise. Access the latest information on all devices, and say goodbye to the time-consuming task of tracking down paper instructions.


Transfer Expert Knowledge

Effortlessly train workers, even those with no prior experience, using the visually clear instructions created by REWO. The trainee will be able to repeat the process with expert-level precision, ensuring consistent quality every time.


Analyze Results

Easily monitor performance and identify areas for improvement with the convenient analytics section of REWO. Get a clear view of who’s learning and what they’re mastering.

Smart, Secure and Efficient.

REWO was built by manufacturers for manufacturers. Book a demo to see it in action today!