How does REWO work?

Core features

Ease of use makes REWO useful for anyone who needs to transfer tacit know-how.


REWO offers an efficient way of recording and editing augmented videos that will allow you to explain more in less time.


The central brain of the whole operation is the server-side app, that stores, manages and syncs content across all your devices.


REWO player can be integrated into existing system or can be used on its own as well. REWO is designed to be device-agnostic.


REWO comes with a closed feedback loop for constant improvement. In your management dashboard, you are able to see analytics and worker’s comments to improve your guides.

Advanced features

Live remote assistance

With REWO Remote Assistance you have a live feed of what field workers are seeing so you can visually guide them on what needs to be done to resolve an issue.

Augmented reality

REWO guides can also be played on more advanced devices like smart glasses or augmented reality headsets. With proper tracking, you can also virtually attach guides to specific machines and play them on request.