Writing good work instructions

Tips On How To Write Good Work Instructions

The importance of work instructions shows in guiding employees in the quality areas of training, reference, problem-solving and continuous improvement. However, work instructions are not just another »thing your company needs«. The content should be carefully generated, following specific guidelines on how to write work instructions. Writing clear and concise work instructions is crucial in …

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Camera components that need work instructions for assembly

The Importance Of Work Instructions For Assembly

At today’s production sites, linguistic and cultural barriers can make work instructions difficult to understand.  Work instructions (WI) that rely on text, pictures and verbal information may not accurately convey the original intent to audiences with different backgrounds and experiences.  As a result, production errors and rework can increase the cost production. It’s very important to deliver …

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expert workers are knowledge holders

Managing the departure of key knowledge holders

For more than two centuries, the manufacturing industry has adopted new technologies and provided new jobs for workers. Today, the industry is experiencing exciting and exponential change, as technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and Internet of Things (IoT) are rapidly changing the workplace. While some predicted that these new technologies would eliminate jobs, …

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manufacturing worker behind a cutting machine

Re-skilling manufacturing workers

Just a few decades ago, technological skills were limited to information technology departments. In today’s tech-saturated world, however, these skills are necessary for virtually all employees. To fill internal skill gaps and ensure employees are up to speed on ever-changing technical knowledge, forward-thinking CEOs look toward continuous re-skilling and training programs. According to World Economic …

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