Office worker behind a computer

Work Instructions for Office Workers

Work instructions and standard operating procedures (SOPs) both fall under the umbrella of tools used to make a process more detailed and actionable. Process, procedure, and work instruction build on each other in complexity. Processes describe what objectives and specifications need to be done. SOP’s describe how a process should be carried out in certain …

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Social distancing guidelines druing COVID-19

Work Instructions VS. Guidelines

Many people confuse guidelines and work instructions. In fact, most people write work instructions and call them guidelines or vice versa. Knowing the difference between guidelines and work instructions can help you understand the documentation process much better and, therefore, develop great procedure documentation. Better documentation means better organization. What are guidelines? Guidelines are general …

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Man writing work instructions

Best Practices For Work Instruction

Work instructions are a pre-requisite for efficiently and safely making products of high quality. They help to significantly reduce risks of incidents, human error, and poor practices by providing workers – whether experienced or new joiners – with ‘one best way’ to execute a task. Best practices to reach the perfect work instructions Write clear …

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A young and old worker in a factory

Industry 4.0 Investments In Worker Training Increase

Many manufacturers have previously only focused on integrating Industry 4.0 technologies that had a direct impact on efficiency, cutting costs, and maximizing profit – upgrading and connecting equipment. However, those who are thriving in this era are taking a more holistic approach. They understand that digital transformation applied to all areas of business, most notably, …

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Digital training will be done by digital mentors

Digital Factories Require Digital Training

Digitization is radically changing the face of manufacturing companies. Digital factories are transforming manufacturing, as companies implement innovative technology and look for employees with fundamentally different types of qualifications. These new digital factories are being created in the heart of Europe to produce highly customized products and systems. One area that is receiving a lot …

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Two workers in a factory working together

Cross-training In Manufacturing – What Is It And Why It Is Important?

Cross-training in business operations, also known as multiskilling, involves training employees for a flexible response to changing production schedules. Cross-training simply aims to build the skills of everyone in the company. This way everyone better understands exactly what it takes to run the business. The idea is to empower employees to provide support from within …

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A man welding

Skills Matrix For Manufacturing

Every company wants better-skilled employees. Everyone wants to develop production plant personnel with the highest skills and competency standard that allows us to face the challenges of excellence, complete in all the aspects. A skills matrix is a crucial tool to do so. What is a skills matrix? The Skills Matrix is a visual tool …

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Reducing Changeover Times with Standard Work Instructions

Nowadays, with a global free-market economy, which is characterized by strong competition and variability occurring in macro- and microenvironments, enterprises implement tools and methods that allow for collecting current and reliable data (qualitative andquantitative) concerning various parts of its functioning and, with adequate processing and presentation, indicate the areas for process improvement and waste reduction, …

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Experienced workers hold a lot of tribal knowledge

What Is Tribal Knowledge

Tribal knowledge is information or knowledge that is known within a tribe but often unknown outside of it. A tribe, in this sense, maybe a group or subgroup of people that share such common knowledge. From a corporate perspective, tribal knowledge or know-how is the collective wisdom of the organization. It is the sum of all the knowledge and capabilities of all …

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